School Picture Days

Aug 24, 2022

Pre-order your pictures now at

Annual school photos are scheduled September 6 and 7.  Don't miss out.  Here is what you and your child needs to know.


Time: 7:30 am to 12:00 noon (approx.)

Date: Tuesday and Wednesday, 6 - 7 September

Place: School Auditorium



--- > last names beginning with A to L: photos are taken Tuesday, 6 Sep

--- > last names beginning with N to Z: photos are taken on Wednesday, 7 Sep

--- > Students will be called out of class alphabetically, one letter at a time


Payment Options:

--- > Pre-order online at *

--- > Cash/Check Payments: MUST be received at the time of the photograph with order form filled out in advance

--- > Order forms being sent home on Tuesday, September 10 but are not needed if purchase is made online.


* Avoids the problem of students forgetting to bring cash/check payment to school, leaving it in their locker when photos are taken, etc.


Paper Order Forms:

--- > To be sent home during Seminar, 1 September

--- >  If used, must be presented at the time of picture with full payment.

--- > Not needed if purchased online



--- > Online payment receipts: Sent by email at the time of purchase. Your child does NOT have to bring it to school to get their photo.

--- > Cash/Check payment receipt: issued to student at school when payment is received.


More information:

--- >

--- > Questions: email


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